Computer Science & Systems (CSS)

Leipzig, Germany, 1 - 4 September, 2019

Area Supervisory Committee

CSS is a FedCSIS conference area aiming at integrating and creating synergy between FedCSIS events that thematically subscribe to more technical aspects of computer science and related disciplines. The CSNS area spans themes ranging from hardware issues close to the discipline of computer engineering via software issues tackled by the theory and applications of computer science and to communications issues of interest to distributed and network systems. Events that constitute CSNS are:

  • 4A'19 - 1st Workshop on Computer Aspects of Numerical Algorithms
  • BEDA'19 - 2nd International Workshop on Biomedical & Health Engineering and Data Analysis
  • CANA'19 - 12th Workshop on Computer Aspects of Numerical Algorithms
  • C&SS'19 - 6th  International Conference on Cryptography and Security Systems
  • DaSCA'19 - 1st International Symposium on Big Data in Cloud and Services Computing Applications
  • LTA'19 - 4th International Workshop on Language Technologies and Applications
  • MMAP'19 - 12th International Symposium on Multimedia Applications and Processing
  • WAPL'19 - 7th Workshop on Advances in Programming Languages
  • WSC'19 - 10th Workshop on Scalable Computing

Important Dates

Submission of event proposal: November 20, 2018
Paper submission (sharp / no extension): May 14, 2019
Position paper submission: June 4, 2019
Author notification: June 25, 2019
Final paper submission and registration: July 10, 2019
Conference date: September 1-4, 2019

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